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CloudX Systems

CloudX Systems is a revolutionary new approach to achieving Omnichannel Profitability. Your business will use the CloudX Platform for Omnichannel and Retail Fulfillment as an Enterprise Software Cloud Solution and, with Bergen Logistics, as part of a Managed Services or Outsourcing arrangement. With CloudX Systems, a Single-System Entry Point into your fulfillment operations enables you to build more flexibility, dynamics and resilience into your business.

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Working in omnichannel is our specialty, and we know it’s not a one size fits all approach. If you want to sell across a variety of platforms you need a plan. We’ll work with you individually to create a customized distribution strategy to fulfill orders, manage inventory, make happy customers and keep your business growing.


We’ve optimized our processes for e-Commerce brands. Our WMS is integrated with platforms such as Shopify, Magento and Core Commerce to help merchants easily transmit order information. You’ll experience seamless workflow and automated fulfillment.


Subscription Box Fulfillment

At Bergen, you will find the expertise to help design, assemble and flawlessly deliver to your subscription fulfillment customers, economically and with that personal touch. We ship over 20 million subscription boxes a year direct to consumers in the US and Canada, so we get it! You will work with a team that is focused on helping you grow your business month over month, year after year.

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Freight Forwarding

Think of a Freight Forwarder as a travel agent for your packages. They manage the whole shipping process on your behalf. With ITG, you'll get updates on your shipments, customs clearence and superior personalized customer service that offer dedicated account managers.

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Value Added Services

  • Experts in Garment on Hanger
  • Automated Sorters, Conveyors and Packaging Machines
  • EDI Provider
  • Custom Embroidery
  • Customized Branded Packaging
  • Subscription Box Fulfillment

Back Office

Bergen Logistics can also provide Back Office solutions for your business. Bergen’s Back Office specialists are available to assist you with inbound ASN creation and management, inventory levels and reporting, order creation and management, vendor guideline compliance and A/R and banking services. These essential Back Office solutions allow you to virtualize components of your supply chain so you have more time to focus on your core business: creating, marketing and selling your brand!

Essential services include:

  • Product and Order Management
  • Order Entry and Maintenance
  • Manage/Process Payments or Net X/Credit Terms
  • Back Office A/R
  • Pay Suppliers, Vendors and Commissions
  • Reporting

If you want to spend more time growing your business and less time ‘in the weeds’, let’s match your problems to our solutions…we can help!


Management and Consulting Services

If you prefer to keep your order fulfillment in-house but would like to upgrade your systems and process to a best-in-class solution, we should talk. Leveraging our industry expertise will allow you to reengineer your facility, systems and processes to maximize your omnichannel warehouse to meet your business needs and help you scale.

We offer our clients:

  • Site inspection and optimal site selection by data analysis
  • Project management, facility workflow and redesign
  • Modern technology and integrated systems
  • Acquisition and installation of hardware and infrastructure
  • Use of Bergen’s WMS, complete with order fulfillment visibility, reporting and forecasting
  • Consulting and training staff members on facility operations
  • Continued business growth
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