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Omnichannel Fulfillment

Working in omnichannel is our specialty, and we know it’s not a one size fits all approach. If you want to sell across a variety of platforms you need a plan. We’ll work with you individually to create a customized distribution strategy to fulfill orders, manage inventory, make happy customers and keep your business growing.


We’ve optimized our processes for E-Commerce brands. Our WMS is integrated with platforms such as Shopify, Magento and Core Commerce to help merchants easily transmit order information. You’ll experience seamless workflow and automated fulfillment.

Back Office Managed Services

We provide a full range of Back Office services to assist in the management of your business. Our dedicated account managers, customer service and custom reporting are just some of the features we offer. Contact us to learn more about how we can serve you best.

Bergen Closet Archive Management Solution
Our advanced archiving system works as a library:
  • Send us your items and we’ll catalogue, photograph and upload them to your closet account.
  • Choose desired items, and we’ll send them to whoever, wherever.
  • After items are sent back to us, they are “checked” back into inventory.
  • Items can be accessed via our web-based portal. They can be loaned out for any reason; photo-shoot, retrospective or reference.
Additional Features
  • Experts in Garment on Hanger
  • Automated Sorters, Conveyors and Packaging Machines
  • EDI Provider
  • Custom Embroidery
  • Customized Branded Packaging
  • Subscription Box Fulfillment

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