Bergen Logistics

Vision, Mission and Values.



We aspire to be the world’s premier logistics company providing innovative solutions and technologies that drive our partners’ success.



We relentlessly focus on helping our partners succeed by serving their fulfillment and logistics needs through unparalleled expertise, technological and operational agility, continuous innovation, and obsessive customer service.



Service. We believe in delighting our partners and are obsessed with exceeding their expectations.
People. We believe in people who share passion for our mission and authentically engage with their work. We embrace and respect our partners’ and our associates’ diverse experiences and perspectives.
Quality. We believe in the vigorous pursuit of excellence in everything we do. We value and achieve the performance metrics our partners and our teams believe lead to successful experiences for our partners’ customers.
Innovation. We believe a collaborative focus with our partners and associates allows us to continually create best-in-class solutions to most successfully solve our partners’ business challenges.
Sustainability. We believe that healthy communities create a better life for all. We behave and operate in a socially responsible, ethical manner with consideration of our effect on our environment. We operate in a manner that allows us to remain viable and relevant now and into the future. We champion safe work environments and experiences for our associates and partners.