Bergen Logistics is committed to supporting environmentally friendly solutions.

We strongly value sustainability, and are always updating our processes to improve our workplace and customer services. Our current sustainability initiatives include:


  • Limiting plastic consumption with reusable bottles and fill-up stations
  • Reusing and recycling plastic hangers
  • Separating waste into metals, plastics, and paper and disposing/recycling them accordingly
  • Utilizing CVP Automated Packaging Machine to reduce corrugated waste (void fillers)


  • LED lights and motion sensors placed at all four locations to lower energy consumption
  • High Volume Low Speed fans placed at two locations to reduce the amount of cooling devices on the floor
  • Economizers are on HVAC systems
  • Partners with Enel X to monitor energy consumption during high demand periods
  • Solar panels placed at our 5903 (North Bergen) location and will expand this to all locations as part of our Roof Top Solar Project

air pollution

  • Lowering our gasoline consumption and toxic emissions by requiring our shipments to contain at least 5 pallets or more before being authorized to move
  • Promoting carpooling, mass transit, and the use of multi-party vehicles