Subscription Fulfillment
Our Solutions.

You know Subscription Fulfillment is unique. Whether you have 20,000 or 2,000,000 subscribers, custom curated boxes or auto-ship replenishment, you want to partner with experts who can creatively strategize and perfectly execute your subscription program.

At Bergen, you will find the expertise to help design, assemble and flawlessly deliver your subscription fulfillment customers, economically and with that personal touch. We ship over 20 million subscription boxes a year direct to consumers in the US and Canada, so we get it! You will work with a team that is focused on helping you grow your business month over month, year after year.

  • Multi-level bill of material control
  • Lot/Expiration controls
  • Manufacturing process controls
  • Inbound management including quality inspection capabilities
  • Inventory control, cycle counting, aging inventory management
  • Parent/Child multi-version manufacturing
  • Batch shipping for high volume, low-cost order processing
  • Zone jumping, direct injection freight solutions
  • Outbound capacities in excess of 250,000 subscription shipments per day, scalable to your daily needs

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