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Forecasting and Planning - Logistics The holiday season is an essential period for most retailers and businesses. With an increase in demand and volume of shipments, it becomes crucial for businesses to be adequately prepared. Please review the following Bergen Logistics’ guidelines for ensuring a smooth and efficient holiday shipping season.

Forecasting and Planning

Holiday Sales Forecast: To efficiently handle the surge in volume during the festive season, we request businesses to send Bergen Logistics their holiday sales forecast. A reliable forecast allows us to prepare adequately, allocate resources, and ensure timely deliveries.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Key Dates

‘Last Day to Order’ Announcement: Businesses should prominently publish the ‘last day to order’ on their websites. This informs the customers and sets their expectations regarding order placements and deliveries during the peak season.

Last Day Shipment

Bergen’s Last Day to Ship: GROUND shipments should arrive no later than Friday, December 15 to allow ample time to arrive, although destination distance and carrier congestion issues may require more time to successfully arrive before Christmas. Thursday, December 21, is the final day for EXPRESS orders to arrive to be shipped by Bergen Logistics; again, delivery time by the carriers is not guaranteed. These deadlines improve the odds that shipments have the best chance of arriving before the holidays.

BFCM Shipping Delays

Black Friday Shipping Delays
Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) Delays:
During the BFCM period, a significant surge in orders and shipping volumes is anticipated. Businesses should notify their customers of potential shipping delays (3-5 days) during this period to set appropriate expectations.

Preferred Shippers Program

Exclusive BenefitsExclusive Benefits with Bergen: Businesses are encouraged to sign up for the Preferred Shippers Program with Bergen Logistics. Members of this program can enjoy better rates and dedicated support during the peak season. We are also working to eliminate all peak shipping charges for BFCM. Also, having access to multiple carriers through the program in case of any single carrier’s issue provides alternatives in case problems arise. To learn more, please email

Surcharges and Pricing

Peak Season Surcharges
Peak Season Surcharges:
Due to the increased demand and operational costs during the holiday season, parcel carriers may apply peak season shipping surcharges.  Businesses should account for these when planning their shipping budgets. Consider joining Bergen’s Preferred Shippers Program to reduce or avoid these surcharges.

Inventory Management

Inventory Verification and Syncing: Before the rush begins, businesses should conduct thorough inventory checks. Ensure that your inventory systems are synchronized with Bergen Logistics’ systems to prevent stock discrepancies and potential shipping delays.

Supplies for the Season

Peak Season Supplies:
Ensure ample stock of essential shipping supplies such as boxes, bubble wraps, and labels. Running out during the peak period can cause unnecessary delays.

Special Packaging Requests

PackagingChristmas Gift Wrapping: If businesses plan to offer special Christmas gift wrapping or unique holiday packaging, it is critical to provide Bergen Logistics with early notification. This allows our operations team to conduct a feasibility check, time studies, pricing calculations, material procurement, as well as make necessary staffing adjustments.

A successful holiday shipping season is a result of meticulous planning and collaboration between businesses and logistics providers. By adhering to these guidelines, businesses can ensure timely deliveries, keep their customers satisfied, and make the most out of the festive season.

For further queries or assistance, businesses can get in touch with their Bergen Logistics Client Service Manager. If you’re not a Bergen Logistics client, please contact our Business Development team for more information.

Thank you, and we’re looking forward to a successful holiday season for all!