Omni Channel Order Fulfillment
Your product. Stored, packed and shipped… simple.
Omni-Channel Experts

If you’re selling on a variety of platforms, you need a fulfillment partner that understands brand importance. At Bergen, we use the right tools to keep you competitive and meet consumer demands.

We’re partnered with platforms like Skubana, using leading multi-channel inventory software to optimize inventory management, visibility and ultimately— business growth.


We continue to invest in technology to improve efficiency and accuracy. Our automated sorters, robotic packing solutions, and CAJA robots picking system accelerate product distribution without sacrificing quality fulfillment.

Your eyes are on your order. With our web-based WMS, clients have full access to their inventory and real time visibility in the fulfillment process.

#1 in Customer Service

Experience exceptional customer service.

Our dedicated account managers are trained and qualified professionals ready to assist you at every step.