Bergen Logistics

New Jersey-based Bergen Logistics is marking its milestone 25th anniversary with plans for further expansion and growth. The third-party logistics firm was acquired in November 2021 by the Swedish company, Elanders Group with the CEO, Ron Roman retaining a stake and continuing in his position as CEO. The group will act as Elander’s partner in North America and will replicate its multi-brand warehousing strategy for Elanders in UK and Europe thus optimizing the firm’s return on investment.

Bergen Logistics

Said Ron Roman, Founder and CEO of Bergen Logistics, “As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, this serves as an opportunity to look back on our successes in the past and the capability we built, to becoming a member of a leading global player in the logistics sector. We started on a small scale and there was no grand business plan. I started the company in 1998 to help out a friend’s wife who had a small fashion label and needed storage space and we grew from there. In three years, we moved out to a 27,000 square feet facility. Our WMS (Warehouse Management System) has been developed in-house and offers an unmatched level of transparency and real-time visibility into the inventory, shipping and delivery status of goods. It can also integrate easily with the ERP of any client. We also have dedicated client service managers for each of our brands. If needed, we can add another level of service as part of our Back Office Solutions. This includes a lot of administrative work such as billing and charging customer debit cards in addition to handling goods within the supply chain. Thus, when it comes to our technology, process and service – all our customers rate us highly on all three aspects.”

The Back Office package is particularly useful for small and medium businesses which might not have the capability or budget to manage these services themselves. With Bergen Logistics handling inventory and distribution of their goods in a professional manner, companies are at liberty to focus on their growth. When customers tried switching to other, cheaper third-party logistics providers, they found out that though they might gain a little in terms of short-term costs, in the long-term they actually ended up losing out due to shipment delays, lack of transparency and mistakes.

Concluded Keith Cooper, Vice President of Customer Experience, “We provide services that are highly customized based on the needs of each client. We give clients the advantage of rightsizing their supply chain based on their requirements. We negotiate great discounts on the shipping rates based on the volume and pass these along to the customers. Many clients that are in the fashion and cosmetics industry need packaging that is very eye-catching to enhance the unboxing experience. We do deliveries based on customer requirements in a way that adds value. We have facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Atlanta and Canada to facilitate coast-to-coast shipment. We have also replicated our successful model in the UK and Europe with facilities in the UK and the Netherlands. We have a facility in Hong Kong and with the Elanders acquisition, have ambitious plans to expand even further globally. We have come a long way from the small company that we were 25 years ago and hopefully will continue to grow at this pace in the future as well.”

About Bergen Logistics:

Bergen Logistics is a leading third-party logistics provider that specializes in omni-channel distribution for both B2B and B2C markets. The company caters mainly to the requirements of small and medium-sized companies in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, soft goods, media, and home goods. Bergen Logistics has facilities in the US and Canada, as well as the EU and UK.