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New Jersey – headquartered Bergen Logistics is rolling out its global expansion plan, with new offices planned across the world, and a particular focus on Europe.

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Bergen Logistics has announced the expansion of its global footprint with new facilities across the world. The company was acquired by Sweden-based Elanders Group in November 2021, with the company’s founder, Ron Roman retaining a stake in the company and continuing as its CEO. After the acquisition, Bergen Logistics has continued expanding its global footprint with several new facilities, especially in Europe.

While Elanders’ business model features primarily larger facilities housing operations for one or just a few brands, Bergen features several multi-tenant warehouses which manage fulfillment operations for multiple brands. This led to Elanders establishing more Bergen branded facilities after the acquisition and adopting Bergen’s unified software management tools for operational ease and efficiency. Bergen Logistics now serves as Elander’s 3PL division in North America, further building on its reputation as one of the leading players in third-party logistics solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands in North America. Leveraging Elanders’ global network, the firm has expanded even further globally.

Said Keith Cooper, Vice President of Customer Experience at Bergen Logistics, “Our operational model is very efficient and transparent with real-time updates so Elanders wanted us to replicate our model with their existing businesses. Elanders had a facility in Atlanta that specialized mainly in packing and shipping subscription deliveries. We merged with the Atlanta facility and are now expanding into a brand new facility near Atlanta. We are also fast expanding in the UK and the EU under the brand Bergen Europe with new facilities in the Netherlands and the UK that will be co-managed with the Elanders team there.”

Bergen Logistics is a third-party logistics provider that offers far beyond mere warehousing and distribution. Its main focus in the era of e-commerce is on fulfillment for brands that offer goods for sale through multiple channels in both B2B and B2C segments. It caters chiefly to small and medium-sized companies in fashion, cosmetics, and luxury retail segments. These companies might have their own stores, distribute their goods through well-known major department stores or might sell their goods online directly to customers. Engaging the services of Bergen Logistics as their partner for logistics allows them to focus on their core growth areas and helps them to optimize revenue through economies of scale.

Concluded Keith Cooper, “Consumer behavior has changed quickly in the post-pandemic scenario with online shopping jumping 77% over a period of a few months, thus expediting the transition to digital commerce. Additionally, more brands are looking to expand globally. In light of the changing economic landscape, brands need to be more flexible than ever and might incur additional costs and effort if they try to deal with packing and distribution on their own. It would be more economical and efficient to outsource these activities to a third-party provider like Bergen Logistics which can equip them to cope with volatility in demand from customers while managing impact on their growth and bottom line. Our geographical expansion in partnership with Elanders will help us to cater better to customer demands across the globe”.

About Bergen Logistics:

Bergen Logistics is a leading third-party logistics provider that specializes in omni-channel distribution for both B2B and B2C markets. The company caters mainly to the requirements of small and medium-sized companies in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, soft goods, media, and home goods. Bergen Logistics has facilities in the US and Canada, as well as the EU and UK.

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